About Us

Endless Battle was established by a team of social workers who are working in the field of health, education, sustainability, vocational training, empowering women and child development.

Endless Battle works among migrants, poor and abused women, neglected children, senior citizens, school drop outs, Self Help Groups, and awareness on various social, health and current issues. The disadvantaged must be motivated and provided with the right opportunity. Endless Battle works with a view to help the poor community through various welfare activities.

Our Vision

Establishing a sustainable and humane society where all living things have access to managing their own subsistence; fostering a society where women are empowered enough to contribute to their family and community; all children are empowered with education and enjoy their childhood rights;

Our Mission

Plan and put into action development that carries out our goal of educating, organising, and strengthening the oppressed communities with total capacity to control their own development, or work together with government, donors, non-government, and other volunteering groups to achieve so.

Our Objectives

Our sincere goal is to participate in all welfare and uplift actions wherever and whenever society need it because we really believe in the phrase "Converts desires into reality." Our guiding principle is to recognise and meet society's fundamental requirements.

How We Are Changing Lives


The best defence against abuse of any kind is education. The majority of abuse may be stopped or prevented with proper instruction and training.


Research deepens our comprehension of abuse's causes and contributes to its better prevention. The only evidence-based abuse prevention training has been created by us.


We give caregivers, local leaders, elected officials, and the media the tools they need to inspire their supporters, congregants, and communities to take preventive action.

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